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  • Our Board of Directors:

    Cathy Reidy - Co-Founder & Co-President (cathy@eoscoalition.org)

    Melissa Scott - Co-Founder & Co-President (melissa@eoscoalition.org)

    Lauren Jones - Vice President (lauren@eoscoalition.org)

    Elizabeth Burke - Secretary (elizabeth@eoscoalition.org)

    Matt Reidy - Treasurer (matt@eoscoalition.org)

    Whitney Plummer - Fundraising Co-Chair (whitney@eoscoalition.org)

    Kenya Johnson - Fundraising Co-Chair (kenya@eoscoalition.org) 

    Sean Jameson - Board Member

    Barby Ganulin - Board Member

    Dallas/Ft Worth Chapter Leadership:

    Cindy Angel - cindy@eoscoalition.org

    Feydra Gorsline - feydra@eoscoalition.org

    Amy Zicarelli - amy@eoscoaltion.org 

    We're always here to help and connect! 

    PO Box 112234, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
    tel: 513-600-8900
    email: contact@eoscoalition.org

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